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Pain Therapy

General Information

Modern treatment of back pain
A lot of people are suffering from back pain these days, resulting in reduced quality of life.  The pain suggests spinal disease but the cause may also be extra-spinal.

Most of the pain-producing causes can be diagnosed with the help of an imaging process, such as computer tomography and MRI.

Possible causes of pain may be: changes in diseased discs (bulging, slipped discs), wear-and-tear and changes to the bones of the small vertebral joints (hypertrophy, spondyl arthritis, rectro-spondyl-free), connective tissue (e.g. thickened or hypertrophied ligament flavum), infected or changed tumours.  Even after a disc operation, there may be pain due to scar tissue.

A modern and effective treatment for acute back pain may be the use of a narrowly targeted computer tomography (PRT, FAB).  It leads to lasting improvements of pain in most cases.