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Dear Patients

the coronavirus unfortunately continues to dominate large parts of public and private life.

In case of symptoms or suspicion of an acute corona infection, we are unfortunately unable to examine you due to our duty of care for our staff and other patients. At a later date—after recovery or when you are free of symptoms—we will of course be happy to welcome you in our practice!

We have taken additional precautions over and above the required measures in order to be able to examine you even more safely.


Air purifier Dyson Pure Cool tower fan with 2 HEPA filters against bacteria and viruses

In order to prevent or contain a further spread, we ask you to observe the following instructions and to observe the general rules of distance and hygiene:

  • Please bring your own FFP2 mask with you and put it on before entering our practice.
  • Please do not bring any accompanying persons to the appointment at the moment. Due to the risk of infection, this is only permitted when examining children or patients with physical or mental limitations who need help. If you need a sedative injection, you should of course be picked up.
  • All employees in our practice wear a mouth and nose protector. The medical assistants wear antiviral mouth and nose protection and gloves when they store you in the examination device.
  • A dispenser for hand disinfection is available at the entrance.
  • At the registration desk and in the doctor's rooms there are plexiglass walls for protection.
  • Our waiting areas are designed in such a way that the minimum distance is maintained.
  • Air purifier Dyson Pure Cool tower fan with 2 HEPA filters against bacteria and viruses
    We ventilate all rooms regularly and have taken additional measures over and above the instructions of the authorities and have installed special air purifiers against bacteria and viruses in various areas of the practice.
    As a special application, these air purifiers have the significant permanent defence against viruses and bacteria in the air that you could breathe in our practice, in addition to freeing you from pollutants, gases, unpleasant odours and removing allergenic particles.
    This is made possible by two special HEPA filters (Eng.: HEPA = High Efficiency Particulate Arrestors) with which our air purifier is equipped. These filters remove particles up to the size of microscopic clusters of bacteria and viruses from the air, and according to the manufacturer with an efficiency of 99.95 %.
  • You are also welcome to wait outside the practice, e.g. in the car. We will then pick you up or call you by mobile phone when your investigation begins.
  • The changing rooms and examination equipment are disinfected before each examination. All surfaces as well as working materials such as the pens used to fill in the documents are disinfected after each use.

It is our goal to continue to provide you with an optimal and safe supply despite the difficult circumstances!Please take care of yourself and your fellow men.Many thanks for your understanding!

Your team of Radiology Ottobrunn