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The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is currently the most modern diagnostic imaging method. It creates the most accurate images of all body regions, organ systems and functional units. It is used in the diagnosis of existing disease as well as for early detection and prevention of possible diseases. Without the use of X-rays, the MRI, which is based exclusively on a magnetic field and radio waves, opens up new possibilities in health prevention.

Most of the surgically introduced metallic foreign objects, such as joint prostheses, osteosynthesis, vascular clips and dental implants, are now suitable for MRI. Even claustrophobia can mostly be handled. We can offer several procedures, such as an open MRI 2.0 examination (for private patients or patients who pay by themselves), intensive care and support and small devices such as prismatic glasses, a blindfold, an emergency bell and hearing protection. Oral or intravenous sedatives can also be provided if you are picked up by an accompanying person.

We carry out all current MRI examinations, from head to toe. If diagnostically required, the tests are performed using intravenous, well-tolerated contrast media (usually administered via the elbow vein).

At the "open, high field-MRI 2.0 Panorama" we offer an additional examination spectrum. See "Open MRI 2.0" for more informations.

Occasionally, additional, special MRI scans of a body region are required, such as the "direct MRI-arthrography". In this case, we inject a joint approved MRI contrast media in the joint prior the actual MRI examination. Usually this special examination is required for the hip and shoulder joints, as they have certain intra articular structures that can only be evaluated with this technique.

Operating principle

You are positioned in a homogeneous magnetic field in which radio waves are sent. Depending on the tissue structure, your body sends back different signals. These then are processed into images by a computer. This method is free of x-rays. So far no damaging effects of the magnetic field to humans are known.

Contra indications/limitations

Currently, we have no possibility of investigating carriers of pacemakers, defibrillatosr, other electronic implants such as neurostimulators and drug pumps. Non-medical metallic foreign objects, such as garnet/metal splinters can be dangerous.

In some cases, tattoos can lead to skin burns.

We do not carry out an MRI in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Due to the maximum load limit of the patient table, an examination up to 120 kg (MRI GE) is possible, on our new MRI open 2.0 up to 250 kg body weight.

In most cases, computer tomography (CT) is available as an alternative if you cannot carry out an MRI.



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