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We have replaced our previous open MRI (Philips open 1.0 Tesla) with an advanced version of this technology: Siemens Sola Deep resolve (DR), AudioVision, 1.5 Tesla.

Our new open magnetic resonance tomograph 2.0 with special examination comfort even for those with claustrophobia is now in operation (private and self-pay).

We are the first practice in Bavaria to use the AI-based DR (Deep Resolve) software.

Advantages of Deep Resolve (DR):

  • Significantly shorter examination time, e.g. head 5 - 10 min (previously 30 min), whole body 30 min (previously 90 min).
  • Drastically improved image quality, superior to 3 Tesla in many areas.

Further advantages of the open MRI 2.0:

  • Significantly quieter recording technology
  • Modern AudioVision system increases patient comfort, especially for claustrophobic patients.
  • Up to 250 kg patient weight

We also use open MRI 2.0 to perform all the usual MR examinations from head to toe.

Our extended spectrum at the open MRI 2.0 includes

Contraindication see „MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)“



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