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The entire process of your visit to Radiology Ottobrunn–briefly explained.

1 make an appointment 

You can get an appointment either by phone, online or personally in the clinic.

T +49 89 66 59 09 0

Book appointment online

When making the appointment we will give you first organizational details for your examination. In order to avoid delays in the clinic we kindly ask you to be on time for your appointment.

You will find the location plan and a route planner at contact page. The clinic is easy to reach either by public transport or by car. Parking spaces are available on site.

In case of unforeseen delay or beeing unable to come, please call us.

2 registration

Our reception team will welcome you and register you to your examinationn. For this purpose, the referral and the insurance card are required.

Now please hand out all available doctor's letters and preliminary examinations (on CD or print out) with reports for optimization of your examination.

Then please read and fill out the infomed consent sheet and bring it back to the registration desk.

3 informed consent 

This conversation takes place prior to the actual radiological investigation.

In order to optimally choose the method of the investigation, your complaints, pre-conditions and risks will be recorded. We will explain the examination and discuss possible alternative procedures. Afterwards you will sign the informed consent to your examination.

4 your examination 

Depending on the examination, different waiting times may be necessary.
Please note that we assign appointments for several parallel running examinations. Patients who arrive after you may therefore be called for their examination before you. In case you need to take off some of your clothes, jewelry and other valuables for your examination, they will remain in a lockable cabin.

During the examination, our experienced MTRA team will assist you and be in contact with you via the intercom system that is installed in the unit. The net examination time in the device averages from 1 to 10 minutes in the computed tomography, from 20 to 40 minutes in the magnetic resonance tomography, from 10 to 15 minutes at the bone density examination and from 10 to 20 minutes at the sonography.

After the examination please take a seat in one of the waiting rooms to allow the image data processing and the reporting of the findings.

5 meeting the doctor 

The radiologist shows you the pictures directly at the workstation and explains the findings of your examination in a personal conversation.

6 your documents 

Finally, all the images will be handed out to you as a CD and paper printout. The report will be forwarded to your referring physician by fax usually on the same day.