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The term "prevention" is understood to mean both the prevention of diseases and the early detection of diseases.

Regarding our screening program this means

that either the state of health is confirmed, i.e. that any pathological changes are not present or that smallest precursors are detected which, if treated in time, do not progress to threatening diseases or that by recognizing earliest, non-noticeable changes before their outbrake into diseases, these can be prevented by specific treatments and be cured with very high probability.

Flyers on our screening program are available in the clinic or by download here as PDF (currently only available in German language).


MRT Ganzkörper-Check am offenen MRT

Kernspintomographie (MRT) des ganzen Körpers



3D-Volumenanalyse des Gehirns am offenen Hochfeld MRT



Multiparametische Prostata-MRT ohne Darm-Spule am offenen Hochfeld- Kernspintomographen


Spezielle Zahn-, Kiefer- und Störfeld-Diagnostik

Kiefergelenk-MRT Dental- / Kiefer-MRT