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Breast cancer is the most common tumor of women. In Germany, about one in ten women suffer from breast cancer. Most women are affected over the age of 40. Two thirds of all breast cancer patients are over 60 years old at the onset of the disease. Nevertheless younger women can also develop breast cancer, mostly when there are risk factors.

Risk factors for breast cancer

  • age
  • menarche before the age of 11
  • menopause after the age of 54
  • childlessness
  • family history (mother and/or sister)
  • genetic predisposition (mutations)
  • overweight (BMI > 30) and inactivity
  • alcohol consumption

Breast MRI as a asupplement or as a sole examination

Mammography with the additional sonography is still the basis of the breast cancer diagnostics. In certain cases, however, the diagnostic safety of these procedures is not sufficient.

Then the breast-MRI as a supplement or as a sole investigation is indicated.

Indications are:

  • mammograpy and breast sonographiy with limited assassment .
  • implants with the indication of leaks or breast cancer
  • women with gen mutations,
  • to rule out breast cancer relaps after surgery 
  • unclear findings in scars
  • to rule out multifocal or contralateral carcinoma
  • unclear findings in mammography when a biopsy is not possible or when the finding is only seen in "one projection”
  • under pre surgical chemotherapy to define the tumor size and localization
  • pre surgical wire marking in case of full remission.
  • metastasis without primary tumor (CUP-Syndrom)

For your comfort we carry out the breast-MRI in the “open MRI Panorama”. This technically complex examination is always carried out with intravenous contrast media and in prone position. The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.



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