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Image-controlled infiltration directly on the pain trigger.

One of the most effective measures for the treatment of spinal problems with or without radiating pain, is the ultra-low-dose CT-controlled injection of analgesic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant medications. In this low-risk type of pain therapy (70... 80% effective) either the nerves (PRT = periradicular therapy) or the vertebral joints (FI = facet infiltration) are specifically treated.

The pre-conditions for this treatment are

  • a current MRI or CT scan of the spine section to be treated
  • a normal blood clotting

In the case of a treatment with blood thinners, the medication has to be discontinued or replaced by another blood thinner after consultation with your doctor.

The infiltration therapy is performed as an outpatient treatment in the Radiology Ottobrunn. It takes only a few minutes and can be repeated several times in weekly intervals. After a short monitoring time of about 20 minutes you can leave the clinic and follow your usual activities.

30% of the patients will notice the effect already shortly after the injection. In 70% of the patients several treatments will be necessary.

Parallel treatments can be continued without restriction.



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